Okay...we realize that all Thoroughbreds'
birthdays are technically on January 1st of
each year, but since we know that Buck foaled
on March 13th, 1983, we go ahead and
celebrate on that day. Anything for an excuse
to have a little party at the barn!
Buck's come to expect his homemade carrot
cake, complete with cream cheese frosting.
Here are a few pictures of the boy enjoying his
cake...which incidentally, he's happy to share
with the rest of us!
Mmmmmm...Allie poses with the tempting treat. This year we baked the cake in a
bundt pan. Buck doesn't seem to mind the change...
Buck's a big fan of the carrot cake, which includes raisins, walnuts, coconut and pineapple...yummy!
Gee...that tastes like more! He even licks the plate clean.