Here's the schedule for this coming weekend. Yes, we wish the mild temps would stick around for a bit longer,
but it doesn't appear that we'll be quite so lucky. Bundle up! Layers will be the order of the weekend! We'll have
coffee, hot chocolate and a heated tack room where everyone can warm up. Melissa will be joining us on
Saturday and will be enjoying the activities and signing autographs.

For those who plan to trailer their horses in, we have limited parking and may have to put some trailers in the
parking lot across the road in the game lands. If you can trailer-pool, it will be helpful. If the weather is unsafe
for trailering, you are welcome to borrow HVS horses for the Games on Horseback. They won't be working in
lessons on Saturday and will be at your service for the games. (They all love the games. :) And no, I haven't yet
determined which games we'll be playing...keeping everyone in suspense!)

We will have also have videos of the clinic available for sale--proceeds will benefit Melissa and Fun.


Fun Stuff for Just Fun Stuff!

9:30 - Kickoff - Ongoing activities include:

Raffle of one of Just Fun Stuff's Rolex Kentucky Horse Shoes

"Kiss My Ass" Booth - smooch on our miniature donkey

Tack Cleaning Booth

Silent Auction - another chance to bid on THE BREAD; this will be a smaller scale auction; auction donations will
be accepted the day of the event

Used horse book sale

Sammy Sandwich Sale - pick up your pre-ordered sandwiches; if you forgot to order, you're in luck, cuz we
ordered some extras.

Horse Treats for sale

"I did the fun stuff for Just Fun Stuff" t-shirts for sale ($15)

Food and beverage concessions (If you'd like to contribute to the food, please let Cindy know; we have a big
pot of chili coming, along with the sandwiches and drinks.

10:00 - Braiding Demonstration by Lauren Clark

11:00 - Bodywork Demo by Gwen Edsall of Hawk's Haven Horses, Millwood, VA

1:00 - Games On Horseback!!!!

Sunday (tentative schedule)

Clinic with Melissa Hunsberger - $100/rider; $15/auditor

T. Smith
R. Robino
M. Schaefer

L. Gress
L. Kohr
K. Klenk

G. Smith
A. Brandt

Lunch Break

V. Buller
C. Larson
L. Clark

M. Carson
K. Christensen
A. Lynch

Please remember that all proceeds from everything go to Melissa and Just Fun Stuff.
If you pay by check,
please make the check payable to The American Horse Trials Foundation.
Do NOT put Melissa's name on
the check.

Thanks for all of your support--even though it's probably going to be brisk, we'll still have plenty of fun stuff for
Fun Stuff! Any questions, just let me know. :)
Fun Stuff Project
Schedule of Events