Halloween Fun Show '04
Billy and Max looked great as Zorro and Diablo.
Dawn and Hazey won the Costume Class for the second year in a row.
Above, second place winners Billy and Max; Taylor and Ziggy (left) clowned around in
the parking lot and won third place in a tough field of competitors.
Judging the pumpkins was a tough as judging the costumes. The winner was Anne and Allie Dorrance's fruit and cheese pumpkin, fourth from the left.
(Linus enjoyed sneaking some grapes and cheese.)
Left to right: Sky, Dotz and Buck all wore witch hats, but Buck got Rapunzel-like pig tails, thanks to Rachel.
Left to right: Rachel and Kish were a successful gaming team; Billy was a tough
competitor in the Izzy Dizzy class.
Kaitlyn gave Calvin a "Crazy Calvin" outfit.
Left to right: Cait and Mikey won their division by a nose...there was nearly a three-way tie! Gale laughs (for a change) while husband Tom
volunteers as our emcee for the day. Thanks, Tom!
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Left to right: Anna and Vampire Ricky; Lux and Dave helped judge the Costume Class; Rachel G. helps Rachel R. dismount during the Izzy Dizzy class.