Oliver Twist
Sam and Oliver
Oliver has a new home with Sam, who will be taking him along with her when she enrolls at Meredith Manor this fall. He'll be
spending the summer with Sam and her mother at their farm outside Houston, TX. She's been taking some dressage lessons
this summer, and her instructor really likes Oliver's pretty movement. She'll be sending us some photos, so keep checking this
page for updates!
Friday, March 2, 2006
Today was the end of our second quarter here at
Meredith Manor, and on the last day we have our
ShowMasters, which is the end of the quarter show for
all of campus. We have Dressage, Western (which
includes; pleasure, eq, and reining) Heeding (which is
like showmanship) and of course jumping.

I'm a dressage major and Oliver and I did a Dressage
Equitation class, and our first test ^_^  Intro Level One.
We've been practicing for quite a while about the last
three weeks of school, and any free time we have in
class. Of course this past week was in the 50's hot
humid and beautiful. Today? Below 30 and snowing.
ALL of the horses were high as kites and my little
Oliver, Oliver, Oliver was no expection. He ran off a few
times in the Eq class but nothing I couldn't ride. But
alas we didn't place..

Then came out test! So nervous! Aside from a few
jumpy trot transitions and one not so big circle we
grabbed 5th place out of 8 riders! I was sooo proud!
Our first test ever, on a snowy day and we still placed!
Below are pictures of Oliver before he had Sam...
Winning good ribbons with Jaime at the Perry County
Schooling Show.
Opening day of foxhunting with the Beaufort Hunt.
Betsy and Oliver winning Hunt Pairs at Columbia, along with Cindy and Buck.
Hopeful Hunter at Columbia with Cindy's sister Betsy aboard.