Buccaneer March 13, 1983 - April 5, 2007
Cindy's horse,
Buck is a 24-year-old Thoroughbred gelding. He's a big boy at 16.3 hands, and he used to be a
field hunter and show horse at South Branch Farms in York. In his former life, he was North American Reserve
Field Hunter before he moved north from Virginia. He was placed with
Lost & Found Horse Rescue when it was
time for him to retire from hunting with the Elkridge-Harford Hounds and move on to his second career. Now
he's enjoying his retirement at Harvest View, where he gets plenty of treats and affection. Cindy enjoys riding
cross country and fox hunting with the Beaufort Hunt, and they participate in some hunter paces and schooling
shows. Additionally, Buck gives a few lessons a week to keep him in good condition.
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Buck enjoying carrot cake on his 24th
birthday, March 13th, 2007.
(23rd pics)
Buck acted like he'd live forever.
If only.
Rest in peace, my wonderful friend.
Buck died unexpectedly on Thursday evening, April 5, 2007. We
believe he had a heart attack or a stroke, because it was very
sudden, and he didn't suffer. Only minutes earlier he'd been
happily giving a lesson, looking beautiful and acting completely
fine. I kissed his nose, told him I loved him, and sent the kids for
a cool down walk around the property. He collapsed at the bottom
of the hill. Fortunately, no one was badly hurt, and he was gone
quickly. He was 24 years old.

It wouldn't have been Buck's style to grow old and feeble, so now
we'll always remember him as the bright, happy, beautiful boy
that he was, with the shiny, dappled coat and feisty attitude. He
had a great season hunting with Beaufort and helped us train our
newly-entered crop of hound puppies. He made a beautiful
showing at Hunt Night at Harrisburg where he was the only horse
to represent our hunt in 2006, and in the last six months we've
had some of our very best rides together. Our last outing was
simply a short, bareback ride through the woods here at home
after it had snowed.

Buck always acted as though he'd live forever. He was the heart of
the barn and my best friend and patient teacher. Things just won't
be the same without him. He was truly the light of my life--a life
that's so much richer for having had him as my partner.